[ExI] Fwd: [Cosmic Engineers] Re: Sharing/engineering proposal

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Sat Oct 16 03:16:40 UTC 2010

[[ Here's an idea, lets upload into the software that produced ^^^ ]]

> Of course.
> I was responding to the implication that remaining biological might be better than uploading,
> which many people, including me, think is ludicrous.

> Not that I think there wouldn't be problems to deal with as an upload.  I'm banking on there being
> equivalents to linux, firefox, noscript, adblock and optimisegoogle
for uploads, not to mention
> uploadgreasemonkey and uploadstaythehelloutofmyneocortex, and I'm sure
that writing your own exoself
> software will be a popular, and perhaps essential, occupation.

> Maybe, in the future, the price of freedom will be the willingness and ability to eternally rewrite
> your own systems software.  Even so, it's better than being made of
meat, imo.

> Ben Zaiboc

Thanks, Ben.

I was really beginning to fear that I was about to loose this argument.
Thanks to you, I've been handed a decisive victory. =(

Yes, that was meant to be a frowny.

In the most exact terms possible, New Transhumanism was proposed as an
effort to build a community of hard-core transhumanists who believe
remaining as an entity which still has clear ties to its biological
roots is _NOT_ ludicrous.

Powers are not rights.

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