[ExI] Column- "Why the Singularity isn't going to happen"

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Yes, but I can't see how a single 'magic bullet' solution like penicillin; which led to unforeseen problems caused by evolution can equate to constant and exponential magic bullet after magic bullet; each arriving in a timeline that makes evolution and other much quicker systems (like our thought processes) seem to stand still. If penicillin and antibiotics had advanced at the same rate as computer technology. We would have already eradicated all human pathogens and stockpiled pre designed antibiotics for all resistant variants that might evolve for millennia to come. This is exactly the kind of thing the singularity offers with computer modelling and pre-calculated solutions to problems that have not yet arisen.
I see it as common sense and a basic understanding of the singularity, not some psuedo religious 'Angle bunny' tripe as she depicts it.

Pah!, some jouro's and their emotive sound bite analogies. The damage they cause though ignorance.




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2010/10/16  ablainey wrote:
> She says 'We are trying to undo the damage that penicillin did''  really?
> 'we' being humanity. Is this what she thinks the average person is trying to
> achieve? even as a lose metaphor for undoing the environmental damage caused
> by technogic advances, I can't think of anything less suitable than
> penicillin.

That's journalistic shorthand for the antibiotic resistance problem.

More and more diseases are appearing that our antibiotics have no
effect on. And there are very few new antibiotics in development.


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