[ExI] Psi in a major science journal, J. Personality and Social Psychology

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Tue Oct 19 20:08:09 UTC 2010

Interesting, I have been experiencing something that just might be
precognition for more than 15 years now (Or incredibly powerful
intuition). My time horizon seems to be about 2 days. I have been
hesitant to classify what I experience. It doesn't seem to have any
practical benefit... I recently experimented with it using the roulette
mini-game in Dragon Quest 8, where each time I would train on the
winning number after each bet. My mind is mostly spatial, so I focused
on the spatial position of the winning square. At the beginning of the
game I would let my mind drift until one square seemed either "brighter"
or "darker" than the others.

I did not keep careful statistics, so I don't know how much better than
chance I was doing. Also, I don't know whether the game is programmed to
cheat either for or against the player. Since a maximum win can net you
50,000 tokens, I didn't have to stay at it too long.

While I'm not quite psychic enough to put a shingle above my door or
even use it for practical things in my daily life, I still find it a
fascinating and compelling part of my being.

So, uploaders, riddle me this: If it is actually true that I am a
precog, will my upload also be a precog? =P

Powers are not rights.

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