[ExI] Clarification of me and uploading.

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Fri Oct 22 12:42:53 UTC 2010

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>> 1. It must be accepted that computronium is not an end in itself...

> Clarify please.  Do you mean you can imagine an endgame for the solar system
> that is something other than computronium swirling about the sun?  What are
> the alternate endgames?


> I will eagerly give you there are many forks and many possible paths.  I
> would carry it even further: we have no adequate models to predict which of
> the wildly divergent paths humanity will take. 

Fallacy: There's no such thing as humanity.

> But all these divergent
> paths are eventually wildly convergent: they all end up with computronium
> orbiting the sun.  Ja?  Nein?  

I don't mind you building computronium all over the universe as long as
you do it in an ecologically balanced way. A moon here, an astaroid
there, a nebula or two, A handful of gas giants, Perhaps a supermassive
star or a black hole or two. You will still have more computronium than
a human brain can possibly comprehend but still there will be vast
tracts of universe left for others to use as their playground.

> My outloading notion doesn't describe an endgame, but rather that
> computronium self-limits for some short time, perhaps a few thousand or tens
> of thousands of years, keeping earth as a wildlife refuge.  Eventually, in
> that scenario, everything in the solar system still ends up as computronium.

I must have missed the post where you described "outloading". It is not
commonly used in the community.

Powers are not rights.

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