[ExI] Meta was Psi in a major science journal.

John Clark jonkc at bellsouth.net
Fri Oct 22 15:21:42 UTC 2010

On Oct 22, 2010, at 2:16 AM, Giulio Prisco wrote:
> This is a science topic, not a holy war. If psi exists, sooner or later science will explain it.
And the corollary is that if psi does not exist then science will never explain it; in fact it will not be a scientific topic at all and there would be nothing to explain. But if psi does not exist there will never come a time when psi advocates admit defeat and recommend moving on to other things, even after centuries of finding nothing they keep saying scientists are prejudiced or just aren't trying hard enough and we need one more study. The jury will ALWAYS be out in the matter of psi, I think even the most staunch defenders of psi know this, hence the decision not to accept my bet.

 John K Clark 

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