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spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Oct 22 16:37:20 UTC 2010

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> Subject: [ExI] Observation:
> I have two observations:
> # People are quick to accuse me of being delusional about 
> uploaders ruling transhumanism and plotting to take over the world...

Well, that's a bit strong.  I haven't seen the accusation that you are
delusional, but rather that you have a greater certainty in a speculation
than is justifiable.  I have seen enough of your posts to think you are sane
and reasonable.  So now I have a request.  Read on sir.

> # People completely ignore Spike and Ben Z. who are basically 
> confirming everything I've claimed. -- And nobody, publicly 
> at least, is willing to call them out on it...

I would call me out on it, if that were my position.  I am an agnostic on
the notion of forced uploading: we don't know how that will work, and cannot
know, until we have some kind of model on which to base that prediction.  We
have nada, as far as I know, so I claim we can only guess how uploaders will
behave.  Alan, if it is any comfort, I have seen plenty of true believers in
opposition to your position, who are also claiming plenty of unjustifiable
certainty.  How do they know?

> Based on this dichotomy, I claim that I'm right about the 
> uploaders ruling transhumanism.

Your claim is noted, but the line of reasoning is a tenuous indeed.  Alan
you may be right, but you will need more than this.  For instance, do you
base the notion of uploading on the behavior of every non-human lifeform we
know of on earth, which maximizes its own numbers unconsciously?  Or on
human behavior, which sometimes breeds itself to maximum by instinct, but at
other times self-consciously limits its own population?

I am an agnostic on the topic of uploader's behavior, but I can be converted
to be a true believer.  I am eager to be a true believer.  But you need to
give me something on which to base it.  Show your work.  {8-]


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