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Fri Oct 22 23:35:20 UTC 2010

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	Subject: [ExI] wildlife app
	>...This is an application I have anticipated for years.  For every
professional beast watcher, there are perhaps 100 yahoos like me who just do
it for fun.  Now we can help the pros...spike

Hey some of you cats who are telephone photography hipsters, some free
advice please.  I date back to the days when each household had only one
phone, and there was only one ring tone.  It sounded like... the phone.  You
couldn't take it with you.  But now I can take pictures, which I want to do
in order to participate in that exercise described in the article.  But most
of the wildlife pictures I want to take are of wildlife that is in the 2 to
5 millimeter range, and the phone imagers don't do that very well.  Back in
the days when cameras had detachable lenses, we had what was called a macro
lens, before Microsloth took that term and used it for something else.

Question please: is there anything analogous to a macro lens for a phone?
Or are there phones that can take super close-ups, to where I can photo an
ant with enough detail that an expert could identify the species?



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