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		>>...Question please: is there anything analogous to a macro
lens for a phone?
		Or are there phones that can take super close-ups, to where
I can photo an
		ant with enough detail that an expert could identify the
	>...You mean something like this?

WOW thanks!  Impressive.  This should allow me to get some really good bug

If we want to study global climate change as a function of the impact on
wildlife, I would think insects would be a better indicator than birds or
mammals.  Reasoning: with the bigger beasts there aren't enough of them, and
there aren't enough different kinds.  In any given area, there are usually
only a few mammal species and a perhaps a couple dozen bird species.  One
can be out all day and never even see a wild mammal.  But there are hundreds
of different kinds of bugs.  Even a small climate change should tilt the
playing field in favor of one over another competing species.




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