[ExI] Deep roots of Quantum Mechanics [WAS Re: Psi in a major science journal...]

scerir scerir at alice.it
Sun Oct 24 20:24:17 UTC 2010

> Interesting question involving psi and quanta: is the effect size of
> precognition, assuming it exists, any different with pseudo-random
> phenomena (e.g., picking a card from a deck, throwing a dice) and with
> intrisincally random phenomena (e.g., those of  quantum nature) where
> the outcome is positively undecidable beforehand?
> Stefano Vaj

I'm not saying anything about it. Since I do not know anything special about experiments
performed with Geiger counters or other devices. 
But I try to point out something different.
An intuitive feature of classical mechanics is non-contextuality. That is, the property 
that any measurement has a value *independent* of other compatible measurements 
being carried out at the same time. 
However, Bell and Kochen & Specker have shown that non-contextuality is in conflict 
with quantum mechanics.
So, in principle,it is possible to distinguish classical and quantum effects, by means 
of contextuality, that is depending on the complete disposition of the apparatus.
I'm writing that because often I've read that psi-phenomena depend on "subjectivity"
and "contexts"! 


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