[ExI] Retired military officers come forward about UFO visitations

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 22:33:00 UTC 2010

John, I suppose when the aliens land their ships at the Seti
headquarters and pose for photographs with the scientists there, you
will finally be happy.  Yes, I admit that despite all this first class
testimony, I wish there was rock solid physical evidence.

I can imagine you in the role of an Air Force officer who sees one of
this vessels hovering over the base gate, and you would get out of
your car and defiantly shout at them that if they wanted you to
believe they were really extraterrestrials, they better land and
subject themselves to an examination.

And so they would land for a short time (just for you...), and you
would ask them many difficult questions about science that they would
do their best to answer in a way you could understand.  You would
touch and poke them to see if they were wearing costumes, you would
take a blood and tissue sample, you would takes lots of pictures with
your camera, and even record your brief interview with a tape
recorder.  Oh, yes!  You came prepared...  The aliens take you aboard
their ship but have to restrain you, when you try to dismantle their
engines to see for yourself how they work...  ; )

The aliens are not there long and they soon take off, but you are now
convinced due to the evidence you gathered.  You are immediately
hustled off my security police to a general and some colonals who
confiscate all of your evidence and tell you to never talk about
things again, if you value your career and your life...  Oh, but that
would never happen! lol

And so decades later, when retired Air Force Colonal John K Clark
talks about his experience (encountering an "IFO" of alien origins) at
the National Press Club, many people roll their eyes and mock him,
because he has no physical evidence...

John  : )

On 10/24/10, John Clark <jonkc at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> On Oct 23, 2010, at 4:43 PM, John Grigg wrote:
>> You make the comment that they have "nothing to show," but how would
>> they?  These men worked in very high security areas where trying to
>> photograph such objects, and smuggle out the film would be extremely
>> hard.  And the visitors to their military bases were not in the habit
>> of leaving souvenirs behind for them to take home... lol
> There is a quotation by Christopher Hitchens that I quite like:
> "What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without
> evidence."
> By the way I have nothing against UFO's, the problem I have with flying
> saucer enthusiasts is that they keep forgetting what the "U" in "UFO" stands
> for and identify the damn things.
>   John K Clark

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