[ExI] singularity, voting machines again, was Physics versus psychology

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> On Mon, Oct 25, 2010 at 10:26 PM, spike  wrote:
> > I have looked at it from a slightly different direction: 
> there seems to be a strong connection between genes and the likelihood
> > memes will spread and prosper in a given population.
> > ...
> But is it nature or nurture?
> Do you stay away from the lions because you have inherited 
> genes from people who stayed away from lions? Or,
> Do you stay away from lions because your parents and other 
> high status members of the tribe tell / order you to stay 
> away from the lions?... BillK

BillK, it is wildly complicated, clearly involving both nature and nurture,
with the ratio being dependent on many variables, changing with time and
circumstances.  If it were not wildly complicated, we would not still be
debating the whole idea after all this time.

Let me illustrate, in a way that really jumps to a new, very important and
timely topic.

Here in this forum we have a collection of individuals, many or perhaps most
of which accept the notion of a singularity, that a computer can be host to
an emergent sentience.  If we accept the notion that a computer can somehow
hack itself, how much easier would it be for existing sentience, a human
actor, hacks a computer to do the will of the human.  BillK, we in the
states are approaching a week from tomorrow a national election for the
house of representatives and about a third of the senate.  Many of the
districts have touch screen voting without paper trail, on machines which
have been demonstrated to be hackable:


OK now then please: answer only if you are one who believes it is
theoretically possible for an emergent AI to hack into a computer in which
it resides, and you also looked at the link above.

If both, then do you see why the US election system is greatly at risk?  If
so, do you see why a US election system greatly at risk presents a grave
danger in a heavily armed nation?  Do you wish to argue that a singularity
is theoretically possible, an emergent AI could somehow hack the computer
network, but that a malicious human cannot do likewise?  If so, do explain
your reasoning carefully please, for I need to hear that to calm my nerves.
Does anyone here wish to argue that although theoretically possible, this
has never occurred and will never occur?  Explain please.  Is there anyone
here who would argue to the contrary, we have seen indications that
paperless voting has already been corrupted in at least one case?

I want to see how these particular memes propagate in this particular clade.



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