[ExI] Here's an idea: Let's torture sane people! =P

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Thu Oct 28 13:20:45 UTC 2010

> 2010/10/28 Florent Berthet <florent.berthet at gmail.com>:

>> Good analogy, but that could be interpreted in both ways. I used to think
>> destructive uploading was a major problem, but after some thoughts, as
>> counter-intuitive as it seems, I realized the continuity in the process
>> wasn't relevant.

> Many people simply sit with the inconsistency: ordinary life is OK,
> destructive copying is not even though ordinary life is equivalent to
> destructive copying.


Why in the world is anyone even talking about destructive brain
uploading so many years after Moravec (and many others) came up with so
many better alternatives?

That is the single most infuriating thing about uploaders!

Second, Judging from all the arguments presented, I have come to the
conclusion that uploaders drive their cars by fixating their eyes only
on their rear-view mirror. If it appears that they didn't have a fatal
car accident, then they must be going in the right direction!

My thinking is exactly that of a feedback control system. I have an
output wire and I have an input wire. If you try to pay me to care about
what happens to a copy of me, you must transmit the bribe-attempt
through my input wire.

Because anything good must come through my input wire, I'm fiercely
protective of that piece of hardware. I am happy to contemplate adding
more input wires, perhaps even obsoleting the original, but if you try
to come and cut it before it's obsolete then prepare to face your doom!

All plans I make for the future are related to the expected voltage on
my input wire. As a human being, I am strictly prohibited from attaching
my equipment to any other wire. Because I'm not a dualist, I don't
believe in any "essential self" that can, even in principle, be
separated from it.

Third. Here's another big problem with destructive uploading. There will
be an interval of time between your original is murdered and your copy
is born. (entirely different beings obviously). During that time you are
at the whim and mercy of a maniacal technician, let's call him God
because that's what he is to you. If God doesn't like homosexuals, you
will either come out of the procedure a straight person or no copy of
you will ever be seen. If God doesn't like heterosexuals, then you will
come out a homosexual or a fetishist, or not at all. You might try to
argue that there will be some restraint on God or that God will choose
not to use his unlimited powers over you. Neither outcome is possible.
God will be a human being or an upload himself filled with the mental
in-consistencies and biases that allow someone to become an uploader.
Being so enthusiastically insane, don't pretend he'll hesitate to write
his biases all over your mind file!

To get around that, of course, what you need to do is find a way to
upgrade your brain while remaining fully conscious the entire time.

Powers are not rights.

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