[ExI] No link between original and copy? Denied!

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Sat Oct 30 12:59:23 UTC 2010

> "Identity" is just an evolutionary artifact.

> This is why we can well decide that an "uploaded", functionally
> equivalent emulation of Mr. Smith actually *is* Mr. Smith. And once we
> accept others to remain functionally themselves albeit having gone
> through somewhat unusual processes, we shall be inclined to make a
> projection in "survival" terms on the new entity as we do for the "I a
> few seconds from now".

Why should I accept my consciousness abruptly terminating merely because
you choose to fetishize what might come after?

> This is basically all that there is to be said on the subject, IMHO. The
> solution to the conundrum is going to be sociological, not philosophical
> or existential.

Why is it a "problem" that requires a solution? The problem that you
describe exists only because you assert that uploading must be accepted
(implying that you think everyone should be uploaded). If you were to
accept that you and only you should be uploaded then the problem would
not exist at all because you would upload and I would not. My position
has always been that my primary objection is that you want to ram-rod
your point of view down everyone's throat. That is wrong no matter which
point of view you are pushing.

Powers are not rights.

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