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 I'll pick up your point about multiple persona's as I have the same but to a higher degree than most. I have always compartmentalised my life, so work mates don't know friends. Friends don't know family etc. There is some overlap btu I try my hardest to keep them seperate so that in any given situation I am the 'Persona' which is most relevent to the situation. This isn't a pschysoid 'why am I in my car?' type of thing, it is just an extention of the normal work mindset vs home persona that we all have. 
I describe it as a Clover or flower personality. If you imagine a flower then each seperate petal is a persona, but they are all joined by a central hub. However personas that would logically be opposite do have problems with memory/brain function access. If I am in a high tech, building things mindset then I find it impossible to think about composing music or doing artistic things. They are Alien concepts which cause confussion until my mind adjusts.

About general conciousness. 'I' am located in my head and the exact position varies. Mostly I am up against my eyeballs like looking out of a domed submarine window, but I often move backward more like I am in a office in a very tall building looking out across the room and out the window. Quite often the window will fog up and I will be playing images inside the room which overide what I am seeing or hearing. As for the rest of my body, it is like everything outside the skull is slightly distant similar to sitting in the cab of an earth mover. you have control of its arm and have sensory feedback, but it isn't part of you. My disociation with the rest of the body isn't anywhere near that extreme. It is just in terms of the conscious self which arms and legs are not quite a part of.




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2010/10/29 Alan Grimes <agrimes at speakeasy.net>:


Now Alan asks the question straight up.

Okay, here's the deal.  I have a flippin' raft of personalities inside
my head.  So much so that I have been trying to figure out how to
reconcile them with a model of consciousness.  I've used  the term
"personalities" above, but shift over to "consciousness" below.  I use
the two interchangeably.  A "consciousness" is, in the context of my
ongoing attempt to make order out of this business, a personality or
persona.  Try substituting "persona" for "consciousness" below, and
see how it feels.

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