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Sat Aug 13 14:51:58 UTC 2011

>... On Behalf Of David Lubkin

>...I always liked Don Knuth's offer of $2.56 for each person who was first
person to report a typo in one of his books.

-- David.

Indulge me, I have a funny Donald Knuth story.  GIMPS found a record prime,
the local GIMPSters had a dinner party at a restaurant in Palo Alto.  We
ordered our dinner, busy Friday evening, took a while.  Rumor had it that
THE DONALD might show, although he was crazy busy trying to finish a book.
About twenty or more minutes after we had ordered, in comes THE DONALD.  The
waitresses showed up with the food just as he sat down.  One of the
GIMPSters piped up and said "Dr. Knuth, do take my dinner sir, I am in no
hurry, they can make me a new one."  He accepted, practically inhaled an
eNORmous chicken chimichanga, in minutes, then he thanked everyone and
bolted!  He had eaten and was gone before the waitress had even showed up
with the replacement dinner for the guy who gave up his.   {8^D

Knuth was an odd duck.  Never did really say much.  Didn't have a chance to.
No pleasant dinner banter, no chit chat.  Even as he devoured that
chimichanga, he seemed deep in thought.

After we finished dinner, the one of the cofounders of GIMPS, Scott
Kurowski, got up and thanked everyone for coming and for their participation
in the project.  He said he had to run and catch a plane, but was picking up
the dinner tab for everyone.  It was one of those trendy spendy Palo Alto
places, and there were about 20 of us, so I would be surprised if Scott got
out of there for much less than 1000 bucks.  What a guy!


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