[ExI] Discontent with the path physics is taking

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This is from another email forum, but I wanted to get some opinions from folks here. Do you think Dennis's concern is valid? He seems to believe string theory and all that is eating up and laying waste to the field.
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My area of interest is theoretical physics [,] so cosmology, gravity, QM are the primary areas
of interest.  I view most of the allied fields as engineering applications.
I do have a horse in the race and it is certainly true that I view string theory as interesting
mathematics with little value in physics - certainly not enough value to justify it having
taken over virtually all of theoretical physics everywhere in the world.  The popularizations
that are still published are virtually all in lock step with perhaps one partially interesting book
every 5 years or so about all you can hope for.
I don't have any more stats than my own observation of not being able to find much of
anything any more.  Bored and still looking for that once in a 5 year book.
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