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I have not seen quite so much seeming division in the narrow AI field and
likely will not in this course form a rather unified highly rated text.
Reading the papers of the AGI conference also dose not give as much feel of
division as mailing lists and impromptu discussions seem to.  Of course
there are wide divisions in approach to AGI but that is bound to happen with
any goal we don't have a really thorough generally accepted idea how to
achieve.    This course is more about AI techniques as they have been proven
of some value to date.  - s



Good cool thanks.  


Do we have any hipsters here on how first person shooter video games work?
If I am playing WW2 Fighter Planes for instance, how do the software Nazis
know what to do?  Is that an enormous lookup table, derived from watching
humans play?  I can't imagine the computer is somehow deriving some of the
clever strategies I have seen.  For instance, if you go against a Nazi Me262
in a piston and prop fighter, the jet is faster but less maneuverable,
especially at lower speeds.  The 262 has its guns in the nose whereas the
P52 has guns in the wings, so the Me can shoot straighter.  So the winning
strategy for the Nazi is to outrun the Yank, get way ahead, turn pi radians
and come charging like a jousting knight, both with guns blazing.  The Nazi
can actually win most of those, with the fuselage mounted guns.  


How does a computer go thru that line of reasoning?  Does it?  Surely it
learned the strategy from human play and is using a huge lookup table?  It
must be a big table indeed, because you can play that game a bunch of times
and not see the exact same scenario.  I am pretty sure it couldn't be an
example of AI.







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