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> Isaac’s generation will mostly grow up completely unaware of television.
> It’s dead, Jim.****
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>  It's still a good source of content. Youtube is great, but it can't
> currently fund a production like "Game of Thrones"…-Dave****
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> Ja, but I see the lack of controllability as an inherent show stopper for
> the post y2k generation.  They just will not relate to it, very much
> analogous to how you and I never took up with radio dramas.

I think you overestimate the post y2k generation's desire for being able to
control the story line. A great story doesn't require the listener's ability
to influence it. Hamlet, for example, wouldn't be improved by having a
handful of alternative endings that the reader/participant could select.
It's not even necessarily improved by being rendered as a play or movie vs.
being read. And games aren't automatically more entertaining than stories.

I never took up with radio dramas because the medium was dead, having been
supplanted by TV.

>   The advanced online gaming community provides plenty of content, with
> user input.

Gaming can be great, but it's not the same thing as video entertainment.

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