[ExI] diamond planet

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Subject: Re: [ExI] diamond planet

> Subject: [ExI] diamond planet

>...The article only suggests there's evidence for crystalline carbon.  Why
couldn't it be graphite?

The kinds of pressure found in stars forms diamond.  It is more dense than

>>>...If the relative rarity of this configuration is evidence of
>>... The relative rarity of this configuration is not evidence of
engineering.  On the contrary, it seems reasonable to assume that anything
that can 
> be engineered should be common.

>...Assuming intelligent life is common...

Intelligence on this one example of a planet is now on the verge of
colonizing the entire galaxy.  We could have that task started in the next
thousand years and finished within a few million.  If we are the only ones
here, that would in some ways actually make it easier.


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