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On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 11:01:21AM -0700, spike wrote:

>> Oooh that kind of talk gets me turned on.  Just thinking of all that
potential profit makes my butt hurt.

>> It's a good hurt.


>Ow, ow. Owwoww. Ow.

The saying was borrowed by me from a ranking Lockheed technical director.
We were working together on THAAD in the early 90s, the bad old days when we
couldn't hit nuthin for nuthin.  It was a crazy difficult controls problem.
He was commenting about all the foreign markets that would instantly take
notice if we could get THAAD to hit a target.  Out of the blue, he said
"Ooooh my, the profit we would make.  Just thinking of all that money makes
by butt hurt."

Of course I thought it a hilarious comment for a director level guy to
utter.  Usually at that level those guys are prim and proper.  I immediately
adopted the saying.

He was right.  Now THAAD will smack anything it is fired at, and yes we are
lining up huge foreign markets for it, and yes Lockheed is making buttloads
of money on it.


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