[ExI] steinbeck on hurricane donna

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Sat Aug 27 01:20:38 UTC 2011

51 years ago, Hurricane Donna hit New York.  Steinbeck wrote about it in
Travels With Charley, but there was another writer, whose name I have
forgotten, who wrote about that storm.  He was living in upstate New York
out in the boonies somewhere.  The story he wrote was completely hilarious.
The idea was he had radio contact the whole time, but the station was in New
York City.  So when the radio people are going nuts because Donna is right
on top of them, this writer's house was feeling only a light breeze.  As the
storm passes over the city, and as the news radio people calm down, the wind
is picking up wildly.  Right when the radio is telling him everything is OK,
the storm peaks in its violence.  I remember that as such an entertaining
story, but now I don't know who wrote it or how to google it.



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