[ExI] Serious topic

spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Mar 1 03:35:42 UTC 2011


>    Once I can do my job without the daily to/from the employer's cube 

Yep.  I am surprised that we still end up needing to commute this far into
the 21st century.  I thought for sure the last >$100/b oil would change
that.  Perhaps this time. - samantha

A lot of companies are already experimenting with this.  I have a colleague
from college days who is working from home one day a week and is planning to
go to two soon.

But 100 bucks a barrel oil won't do it.  People with jobs will be able to
afford fuel.  Rather it's the condition of the roads that I anticipate will
encourage people to work out alternatives.  Have you noticed the dramatic
decline in the quality of the California roads in the past couple years?
The low-profile tires on the BMWs are becoming nearly unusable.  To get
companies moving on home offices will require more than high fuel prices.
It will require high traffic and terrible roads.  The state's ongoing budget
crisis may have a silver lining.


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