[ExI] Are Cities Dead? (was Re: moving bits, not butts)

Kelly Anderson kellycoinguy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 1 18:18:07 UTC 2011

If telepresence becomes good enough, and convincing enough, does that
obviate the need for large cities? Are there other justifications for
large cities? I can see ports continuing to be important, and I can
see somewhat larger groups of people gathering around ports. I can
also see that there are a lot of people who like cities, or are
attracted to them by perceived economic gain.

I have never lived in a large city in the US. I have lived in Taipei
and Sao Paulo, but I don't get the reasons for being in a large city.

Are cities dead in the future? I thought 9/11 would make people want
to leave large cities, but I don't think that is happening.

I don't even like small towns myself anymore. I live in the boonies
with the nearest neighbor over a mile away... so I know I'm on the
weird end of this spectrum. But I am curious. What are cities good for
in the future?


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