[ExI] Scanners live in vain

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Scanners live in vain

Thanks to all, on and off list, for some Clues on these problems with
ancient machines.

Damien Broderick

Ancient computer equipment is very much analogous to ancient harlots.  It
just isn't clear to me why you wouldn't just buy something newer.  They are
cheap enough.  (The scanners I mean.)  I recognize people sometimes fall in
love (with a particular harlot I mean.) 

Unrelated entirely, but this was my good laugh for the day.  The headline
reads: Gay Students Allowed to Pick Roommates.  The article explains that
straight students can also choose opposite gender roommates, but if so, it
isn't clear why the headline was written that way.  If one is a headline
scanner, one might come away thinking that *only* gay students could choose
opposite gender roommates:


That makes me laugh just imagining my 18 year old self thrust into a
situation where only gay students could have opposite gender roommates.  The
boy is the father of the man, so you can imagine an 18 year old version of
me.  Immediately, I would ask: What evidence is required to establish
gaiety?  If evidence of my straightitude were to emerge, would our gay
status be revoked?  Or what if my roommate is a genuine lesbian but was
experimenting?  If so, is there an appeals process?  If you get clearly
audible evidence of phony gays in the adjacent room, are we required to
report the fuckers?




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