[ExI] move bits not butts: google maps street view in europe and other places

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Mar 2 18:51:13 UTC 2011

Our recent discussion here on virtual presence sent me to thinking about
travel overseas.  I have never been outside the continental US.  Always
wanted to go, but it's the classic wage-slave dilemma:  money or time, pick
one.  While I was working I had the money, now I have the time.


On the other hand, anyone can get a good idea of what a particular area is
like from google maps street view.  You can zoom in on most places in the
US, go into street view and look around.  It isn't real time, doesn't
include sound, smells or actual threats from the local indigenous
population, but it is a reasonable first step in virtual rality.


So I have always wanted to visit the ancient family seat in Germany.  Went
into google maps.  The satellite is low resolution and there is no street


I can go into photos of the local tourist attractions, but that isn't what I
want.  I want to see how the proles live who work at those tourist


Where can I find any European or Australian city which has street view in
google maps?






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