[ExI] Extrope Robert Bradbury Has Died

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Mon Mar 7 04:12:31 UTC 2011

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>Remembering Robert Bradbury

>George Dvorsky

>Robert Bradbury passed away suddenly and unexpectedly last weekend of a massive hemorrhagic stroke. His passing was the kind of thing that barely registered anywhere except among his immediate group of family and friends—and among a group of dedicated and niche scientists, futurists and technologists. For them, Bradbury’s premature passing represented a monumental blow to inspired and imaginative scientific inquiry... 

Thanks George, this was extremely well written, well done indeed.  Regarding a comment about Robert's desire for a traditional family: at a gathering of the locals at my house, Eliezer brought his sweetheart Erin.  I asked how the two had gotten together and he commented "Erin agreed to pay my 'Buy me now' price."  At this, Robert commented "I am still looking for the woman willing to pay my 'Buy me now' price."

Thanks for posting this George.


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