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spike spike66 at att.net
Fri Mar 11 02:15:02 UTC 2011

>... On Behalf Of Samantha Atkins
>> Ja.  I am waiting for something analogous to Java for various household

>...Java or Java ME was proposed for that ages ago...But it doesn't have to
be Java.  
Ruby, Python or most anything tossing XML (yes, ugh!) around could work.

Ruby would be fine.  It doesn't even need to be all that capable, for what I
have in mind.  The internal software in the appliances can be anything, but
I am thinking about a universal interface of some sort.  It only needs to
have a very small vocabulary, universally understood.

>...You want the whole to be smarter than the sum of the parts.  Hence
trading some code as well as data...

Ja, that sounds cool.

>...Kick up too much racket and you will be sued or charged...

If it stops a burglary it will be worth it.  I am pretty popular with the
neighbors, being the local fix-it guy.  We have 28 houses all with the same
problems, all with the same solutions.  I'm the guy who has solved them.

>... taking voice notes of that brilliant idea I had in the shower and so
on... - samantha

NO!  What happens in the shower stays in the shower.  That's what happened
to my parrot: he was hanging out near my shower, always blabs everything,
had to roast the feathered beast just to make sure he quit talking.


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