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Great video, thanks.  Interesting that he puts neurofeedback / biofeedback
as #1 on his list.

I believe Asprey has done the very expensive
Biocybernaut<http://www.biocybernaut.com/>training.  (James Hardt's
system.)  And Asprey also mentions Brain
State Technologies <http://www.brainstatetech.com/> as another example of an
outrageously priced neurofeedback training system.  (Both of these are in
the tens of thousands of dollars range.)

But he does not mention Peter Van Deusen's very affordable Brain-trainer
resources, which is what I have been using for several years:


and associated Yahoo group


Van Deusen's approach is basically open-source, once you are setup with the
technology.  Cost is about $1000 for the wireless neurofeedback hardware and
Bioexplorer software.  Then a few hundred for Pete's package of
neurofeedback "protocol designs" -- but these are easily modifiable since
the Visual Programming Language (Bioexplorer is a VPL) circuit layouts are
customizable and extendable.

Having a user community that is open to questions, advise, collaboration,
brainstorming, sharing protocols -- makes all the difference.

William Croft
Lightfield Systems <http://www.lightfield.com>

- Bryan
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