[ExI] Resend after a bounce: Steampunk insects created from bullets

spike spike66 at att.net
Sat Mar 12 03:51:19 UTC 2011

>>> On Behalf Of Samantha Atkins
>>> ...  I have been listening for the sound of tempting bees ever since.
:) - samantha
>>... You might be right, but I think it was liar bees.  Either way, I
thought it most insightful for a decade ago.

>...It was liar bees.  Thanks for jogging the memory as it deteriorates here
in slow time. - s

Hey mine too.  

There are certain stories that have characters that just stay in one's mind.
Transcension has Matthewmark, Amanda, Abdel-Malik, the liar bees.  Calling
them tempting bees is logical: that's what they actually did.  They
suggested to the True Believer that there might be something seriously wrong
with his memetic infrastructure.  

The liar bees were simultaneously a plot device and a symbol.  Consider for
instance a man who observes beasts but has always been a creationist.  He
sees things that are remarkable consistent with the notion of evolution,
tempting the True Believer to doubt, like the liar bees in Transcension.
The liar bees eventually come in swarms.

Damien Transcension is brilliant work pal.


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