[ExI] Two Japanese reactors on red alert

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>...Concentration of wealth, by itself, is not a problem so long as the
wealth is then invested.  It is the concentration without investment that is
the problem.  A billion dollar business empire that has most of its assets
in play is far different from a billion dollar business empire that's
sitting on most of its wealth.

Ja.  I trace most of that sitting on wealth behavior back to these comments:




What is "skyrocket?"  Double?  Triple?  If so, the consumer class will have
far less money as businesses must cut salaries to pay higher power bills.
Most of the consumers' remaining money will be spent on food.  If so, many
investments make no sense.  In the US, the investing class is sitting on its
money, waiting to see what those energy costs are going to be.  Without some
means of modeling that cost, most investment options become too risky.
Result: note the price of gold and silver in the recent past.  It becomes
difficult to derive a cost matrix for energy futures when the coal industry
is under political threat.  Nuclear and solar together are the way, but we
will still need coal power for a long time to come.

Events like Japan's earthquake remind us that nuclear power is an answer but
may not be the universal answer.


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