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.  Now we are so hit-and-run.  Then we had a longer attention span.



In keeping with the shortened attention span, I realized that many of us may
not have the patience to read all the way to the end of a limerick.  As the
movie which made extra points for being half the length of Avatar, a typical
haiku compared to a limerick, has just over half the number of lines, and
about half the syllables in each line.  Haiku ordinarily doesn't rhyme,
whereas limericks are rhyme intensive.  I propose an artform which would
combine the shortness of haiku with the clever rhyming scheme of the
limerick, while trying to inject actual memes.  


We could call it Haimrick, but that term sounds like a Chinese guy doing a
maneuver, and besides, the term limku is shorter.  


Here's an economy limku for you:


Hayek is the way,

Keynes makes pay stay away,

Oy vey, they may say.








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