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In fact, your extremely lengthy and challenging post was so trying to my
little brain that I allowed two typos to slip through in one line in my


Please keep all responses to Twitter-length. Thank u.


--- Max

2011/3/12 spike <spike66 at att.net>



When twitter started, I FLATLY REFUSED to go there, and facebook too.
Reasoning: in order to have even a slim chance of formulating reasonably
good ideas, one must control one's information inputs.  I don't want to be
flooded with vacuous HOW R U's from old friends from high school mindlessly
HOW R Uing me all day and night, until I fear for my sanity should I be
senselessly HOW R Ued even once more.  


So I never signed up, and don't even text on my phone.  It's too easy to
drown in mindless chatter, all 140 character or less.  The only advantage to
that form of communication* is that it has NO PERMANENCE for one to regret
should one perish.  Those 140s are here and gone, evanescent, an ethereal
wisp, none worthy of the term "idea."  *Sayings* can fit on bumper stickers
and twitter, ideas cannot.


I understand why Eugen used to get after us back when he was moderating,
with his notion of No one-line replies.  I didn't get that then, but I do
now.  He didn't want Extropians to become twitterized.





*tweet, they call it.  TWEET!  I flatly refuse, I will not tweet.  Picture
naming that, the meeting where actual humans decided on that term.  What, if
anything, were they thinking?

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