[ExI] shortening attention spans

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Mar 13 09:42:14 UTC 2011

2011/3/13 spike tweeted:
> So I never signed up, and don’t even text on my phone.  It’s too easy to
> drown in mindless chatter, all 140 character or less.  The only advantage to
> that form of communication* is that it has NO PERMANENCE for one to regret
> should one perish.  Those 140s are here and gone, evanescent, an ethereal
> wisp, none worthy of the term “idea.”  *Sayings* can fit on bumper stickers
> and twitter, ideas cannot.

Really?  What makes you think tweets have NO PERMANENCE?

If you type something into the web it is recorded forever.

Every single public tweet, dating back to the very first missive
posted on March 21, 2006, will now be housed in the government's
Library of Congress. Plus, Google is making the Twitter archive

Facebook have their own archives. To date they have not yet agreed to
make them generally available. (You have to ask a judge first).


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