[ExI] Which nootropics work best?

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Subject: Re: [ExI] Which nootropics work best?

2011/3/13 Will Steinberg <steinberg.will at gmail.com>:
> In the most serious manner possible, I recommend taking a dose of 

Sorry Spike, I have to admit I don't feel very confident even attempting to
put more effort into expounding on these ideas - either the reader will
already have had similar thoughts or there is likely a language/meme barrier
that would precludes easily making the point.

Spike?  It was Will Steinberg who posted the above comments.  I am no
hipster on these matters, this being waaaay outside of my area of expertise.
I haven't commented at all on nootropics.  I am listening to those who know.
Oh wait, perhaps you are referring to a comment I made recently where I
suggested leaving all of it alone?  OK, ja no problem.  Still I want to see
what others say about this topic.

The notion of nootropics is big stuff in the chess world.  There was a lot
of buzz that this whiz kid Magnus Carlsen had discovered something
fundamental which rocketed him to #1 or #2 in the world while still in his
teens.  My theory is that he is extraordinarily talented, and his nootropic
is a small amount of good old alcohol, mixed with caffeine, both taken with
fructose.  He has orange juice during every match game.  It has long been
thought that a blood alcohol content in the .04 to .05 might be a temporary
concentration enhancer.


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