[ExI] Are mini nuclear power stations the way forward?

Richard Loosemore rpwl at lightlink.com
Wed Mar 16 13:40:39 UTC 2011

BillK wrote:
> The Economist did a review of mini-nukes.
> <http://www.economist.com/node/17647651>
> Mini nuclear reactors
> Nuclear power: Combining several small reactors based on simple,
> proven designs could be a better approach than building big ones
> Dec 9th 2010
> The idea is that they need little maintenance. Just bury them in the
> ground for 20 years, then send them back to the factory. If they fail,
> they just sit there with no dangerous leaks.

I fear this is not a good alternative.  Scientific American, among 
others, have already pointed out that these things could just be cracked 
open and used as christmas presents for wannabe terrorists.

Richard Loosemore

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