[ExI] Are mini nuclear power stations the way forward?

Ryan Rawson ryanobjc at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 21:39:38 UTC 2011

What about thorium liquid salt reactors?  No proliferation, and
thorium has more availability than U.

Anyone else know about this?

On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 1:51 PM, Mirco Romanato <painlord2k at libero.it> wrote:
> Il 16/03/2011 15.40, Eugen Leitl ha scritto:
>> On Wed, Mar 16, 2011 at 02:04:02PM +0000, BillK wrote:
>>> This is one of the obvious problems to be included in the risk
>>> analysis.
>> Here is 5 GW worth of building-integrated solar PV distributed across
>> a city. Show me how a terrorist is going to make use of that.
> They would work how many hours? And the energy where would be stored?
> How would you dispose of the wastes, like used rechargeable battery packs.
> Who would keep the solar panels clean?
> How many people would need to climb up to work on roofs? How many more
> additional dead and injured would happen?
>> Now show me how a massive earthquake will destroy it, and show me the
>> risk analysis for that.
> Earthquake?
> What about typhoons, hurricanes and likes?
> And what about pigeons and other birdies?
> What happen when there is heavy snow or sand from the desert?
> I live in Venice and it is not strange the wind bring sand/powder from
> the Sahara, 2K km away. I hate when it happen.
> Do you propose we put solar PV over the roofs of Venice, Rome and
> Florence? Wind turbine?
> If I was a terrorist/saboteur I would look at the electronics managing
> the PV panels. Are they connected to the main power line? Can I fry them
> or cause them to fry themselves? Can I hack inside them? There is a
> smart grid? Are they totally independent or are they coordinating
> themselves? When a house is restructured or the roof remade, the the
> inhabitants are without power?
>> Look, there's a screwdriver lying there. You can use it to screw in
>> screws, or poke your eyes out. You can do both. It's up to you. Do
>> what make sense.
> "Make sense" is always much more subjective than most people assume. And
> rarely is a so clear cut decision.
>>> Quote: Hyperion’s Mr Deal insists that neither a rocket-propelled
>>> grenade nor a tank round could smash a small reactor. Small
>>> reactors can be
>> I insist that I can create more mayhem with either a delivered new or
>> old reactor that Mr Deal can think of in his worst nightmares.
> Are you really so smart?
> Are you able to do it before someone stop you?
> I would place the Hyperion reactor in a concrete dome under the surface,
> with only the pipes of the water used to generate steam coming out. When
> placed I would close the vessel with a large slab of concrete, then I
> would pour other concrete to cement it all together.
> Do you want arrive at the reactor? You need to dig the concrete out of
> the way. A few days of hard work with the right tools.
> The only way to attack the reactor would be to pour some very strong
> acid inside the tubes, hoping it corrode the vessel and let the fuel
> out. And then? it would be easy to pour another bit of concrete inside
> the tubes and seal it all.
> 500 Hyperion reactor would not be placed all around the landscape. They
> all would simply be placed in some power plants, like now. The
> difference being that they could not go critical because they are
> designed to be unable to go there. An advantage would be to be able to
> do maintenance without shutting down a large part of the production
> facility. If there is a problem, you stop a reactor or two and check
> them. The other 498 would continue to work.
>> That will make a fine epitaph for the half a million of dead people
>> in Manhattan, no doubt.
>> Just because you're gullible and/or unable to use your imagination it
>> doesn't mean other people have such issues.
> Just because you have a wild imagination, it doesn't mean you can make
> it real.
> A real, live, atomic bomb used by professionals with time and resources
> to plan ahead to obtain the maximum damage was able to kill 50K people
> in a moment and other 50K in a few days and weeks.
> You must be very imaginative to think a way to be able to steal a
> Hyperion reactor from some power plant, move it inside Manhattan and be
> able to kill half a million of people.
> I doubt you would be able to obtain this effect pouring the fuel inside
> the water supply of the city undetected. It is so huge that it would
> dilute the fuel out of existence. At best the city would have drinkable
> water as radioactive as the water people drink at some spa in Germany.
>>> There is also a proposed design which (if it works) avoids the
>>> nuclear
>> That's just the problem with the kooks of any color: they have
>> solutions for everything. If it works, maybe, eventually. Are you
>> feeling lucky? Can you afford to?
> You also have solutions for every thing.
> Can we afford your solutions? Do we feel lucky to try them?
> You think so. I, and others, think differently.
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