[ExI] note from a foaf in japan

spike spike66 at att.net
Wed Mar 16 23:40:59 UTC 2011

This is from a friend of a friend who works at at Suzuki Motor Corp in
Hamamatsu Japan:


Hamamatsu is on the ocean about ¾ of the way south from northern most point.
Our harbor is recessed from normal coast line. You need to look at map for
that to make sense. They were spared impact. No major damage.
We are shut down solid there for production like most companies. We are
closed to 3/21 but bet that extends. Some of our valuable vendors and their
vendors and their vendors were in the north and heavily impacted. Japan
works on just-in-time delivery of every part, and every bite of food and
fuel. There is no such things as warehouses much anymore. So with power out,
little fuel, roads and infrastructure damaged so badly torn up and ports
destroyed on their side of the country, recovery is a huge and almost
impossible recovery job
but they will recover.
40% of the worlds chips and circuit boards come out of Japan and this will
be a HUGE world impact. Some prices jumped 30 to 50% over night!!
It will be a long bumpy ride.
“Northern part of Japan is in disaster but Hamamatsu is in nearly normal
condition. That day, I was in a meeting in Ryuyo and we felt 2 minutes x 3
times earthquake. No one is hurt and no major damage here just very modest
problems from quake and no water damage.”



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