[ExI] Which nootropics work best?

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>>The pathway forward will be to get people to do blind studies on
and record their results in some publicly accessible forum.  I don't hold
out much hope we could make that work well enough to extract the signal from
the roaring internet noise


>Find a way to make it a popular facebook game.


We need a way to have people post their results without knowing if they are
taking a placebo or the real medication, but knowing that the medication
might be a placebo.  If we can work out that detail, we can eventually
extract the signal from the noise.


The nootropics industry might not want to participate in this exercise, and
could even defeat it, by intentionally making the placebos sweeter than
their product.  It has been demonstrated that a painful or bad tasting
placebo is more effective a health agent than a sweet tasting one.







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