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On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 07:54:54AM -0700, spike wrote:

>> chains, the problem isn't with the CEOs, it is with the consumers: 
>> they chose to buy food at the lowest cost source, which doesn't 
>> stockpile food in warehouses.  The other problem with the consumer is 
>> that they failed to stockpile their own food in sufficient quantities 
>> in their own homes...

>Spoken in apparently ignorance of how small Japanese homes are.  Not a lot
of space there.

>This thread seems the typical libertarian response, though.  "Humans are
insufficiently rational for the pure market, let them die off until
rationality improves."

-xx- Damien X-)

I see, so he Japanese failed to build homes of sufficient size on
sufficiently high ground to store a few weeks of provisions in earthquake
country?  And had no high-ground tsunami-proof food and supply caches?  And
now they are in a terrible jam?  Multiple choice quiz: 

Who is at fault?  

A)	CEOs  
B)   	government
C) 	libertarians
D) 	the fault
E) 	consumers

So what do we do?

A)	scold CEOs
B)	pass laws requiring larger houses and storage of provisions
C)	nothing
D)	require people move farther from the fault and higher up from the
E)	airlift emergency provisions and donated aid, and hope they pay it
forward when the same fate eventually hits California for all the same

I choose E and E.


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