[ExI] Remembering 2000-04-01

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Subject: [ExI] Remembering 2000-04-01

On 03/21/2011 05:47 PM, Keith Henson wrote:
> But Ray thinks we can do neat, and even good stuff with stuff like AI 
> and nanotech while Bill thinks it will be the end of us (or that's 
> what he thought the last time I was up on his thinking).
> They might both be right.

>...Since April 1 is fast approaching it might be worth remembering the
2000-04-01 event where Bill Joy, Ray Kurzweil and others discussed these

This was an event I will never forget.

 > There are links to the audio at:
... Fred

Fred was that among the greatest times of our lives, or what?  I had a blast
up there.  Douglas Hofstadter was there, along with a bunch of others high
on my heroes list.  Many of the local hardcore types were there.  We showed
up three hours ahead, and the ~500 seats in the main hall at Stanford was
already mostly filled.  They set up a closed circuit TV for another ~1.5
kilogeek in a nearby hall.  It was AWESOME!  Afterwards I pulled off the
greatest April Fools gag in my life.  {8^D


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