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Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Tue Mar 22 23:12:48 UTC 2011

Il 22/03/2011 17.45, Adrian Tymes ha scritto:

> Yugoslavia was unable to prevent said bombing, therefore its 
> permission was irrelevant.

In some ways, this is the same for many people trading in illegal drugs.

> The FBI is easily able to prevent anyone in the US from assembling 
> and launching a fission rocket, therefore the permission of its 
> controller (the US government) is relevant.

Fission, conventional, yes.
But it is unable to prevent people from building a machine gun, if they
like to do so and know how to do so.
If the LENR device of Rossi is real, they could have a difficult time to
prevent people committed from building and operating a similar device in
they homes.

> Similar considerations apply in other countries, and in international
> waters (depending on which nation you're flagged to; if you're
> unflagged, the navies of many nations including the US are relevant,
> and will deny you an ability to operate based primarily on your not
> being flagged to any nation).

Only if they are able to find you.
I always wonder, what if a very wealthy man (or group of men) build a
submersible or submarine habitat, able to be moved around the open
ocean. Do they would be able to find it? How much resources they would
need and would they commit them? If they don't know about it beforehand,
how they would discover it exist?

> It might be possible, from the "government permission" angle, to do 
> this from some third world country (such as most of those along the 
> equator) - though you would have extra logistical problems getting 
> fissionable materials there.

The procurement of the fissionable materials is the big problem.
Moving it to a Third World Country would be the easy part. Keeping it
would be the hardest part.

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