[ExI] THE END for nuclear power

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>...I'm wondering how much it would cost to dig some strategically-placed
trenches round the coastline of Japan, how big they would have to be, how
much it would cost in relation to the other proposed ideas...Ben Zaiboc

How about rigging a number of towers, perhaps 20 meters, which are sturdy
enough to withstand debris-filled water surge, with cables and
counterweights.  All the housing down by the coast would need to have cables
attached to the four corners, and be structurally capable of being hoisted
by those four stress points.  An example of that would be a trailer.  I am
told Japanese houses are small.  OK, trailers are small too, so that's a
good fit.  Tsunami hits, get the kids inside and up you go.

I recognize there are drawbacks: the towers would cost more than the homes
they save, the Japanese coastline would become an enormous trailer park with
a bunch of towers poking up everywhere, and the citizens may not appreciate
being called トレーラーの屑    but other than that...


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