[ExI] Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation

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Tue Apr 3 15:47:34 UTC 2012

On 3 Apr 2012, at 16:42, Stefano Vaj wrote:

> 2012/4/2 Christian Vanderwall <cvanderwall14 at gmail.com>
> "they hook you up to what's essentially a 9-volt battery and let the current flow through your brain. After a few years of lab testing, they've found that tDCS can more than double the rate at which people learn a wide range of tasks, such as object recognition, math skills, and marksmanship." 

The problem seems to be that the effect only lasts about a couple of hours.  Which may be a good thing should things go wrong, but I wouldn't mind keeping the benefits.
> "and, if you raise the voltage enough, you will also enjoy the additional benefits of old-fashioned electroshock". :-)
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