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> Anyone has some idea about Sierra Sciences Isagenix Product B "Telomere 
> Support" supplement now marketed/recommended by Bill Andrews' 
> Cure-aging-or-die-trying at http://www.sierrasci.com/? Would be great if they 
> could at last come out with something that makes a real difference even if it is 
> not the whole story....

This reminds me of when Rafal and I had our debate a few years back when I was doing my oral exams on telomeres and telomerase. My position was that shortened telomeres contributed directly to aging in addition to reactive oxygen species, Rafal's position was that they were merely a symptom and aging was entirely caused by oxidative damage to DNA, protiens, lipids, etc. I don't know if Rafal has changed his position over the years, but I still think they play a role. The lesson here is that experts disagree on the importance of telomere length in aging and how it differs between species. For example in in mice they seem to be less relevant.

That being said, think carefully about what Product B is. It is a mixture of *antioxidants*, the same ones that are sold separately at Walmart, only combined into one product with the word *telomere* all over its advertising brochures. Now you figure out a way to activae

I am all for antioxidants. I am just against paying a premium for them.

Stuart LaForge
"The state that separates its scholars from its warriors will have its thinking done by cowards, and its fighting by fools." -Thucydides. 

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