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>>.Keith regarding your comment on an M-Brain being of one mind, it should
rather be thought of as a community of minds that works in unison.  

>.Why, if I am not mistaken, according to Minsky (
_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1334573441&sr=8-1> The Society of the Mind), our own single
minds already work pretty much this way, don't they? -- Stefano Vaj



Ja.  My vision of an MBrain is that it works more like a super unified
community than as a massive single brain.  It could have structures within
the MBrain that operate in a way analogous to our cities and corporations,
that do things interdependently and independently of the rest.  If we use
the dimensions I suggested for an MBrain in an engineering society
presentation I made last fall, assume a ring of nodes spaced one meter apart
in orbit at 1 AU.  That ring contains about a trillion nodes.  Those
trillion nodes can communicate with each other by passing signals serially
along the ring.  Another ring outboard of that one would be analogous to a
second city or corporation.  


As we move outward from the sun, the rings have more nodes but less energy
falling per unit area on each node, so the optimum design differs.  In that
way, the MBrain forms another analogy to our modern world: we have a few of
us who use energy like crazy and do a lot of things which impact everyone
else on the planet.  We, everyone reading this comment, are analogous to the
MBrain nodes which orbit close and collect a lot of sunlight.  Do cool stuff
with that energy.







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