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On Sat, Apr 28, 2012 at 6:49 PM, spike wrote:
>>... I have taught my son arithmetic functions, and he knows how to do all 
> of them.  But is it worth his valuable time to really master that...
arithmetic either makes children 
> smart or makes them stupid.


>...Yes, teach arithmetic, but follow it up with mental arithmetic...

Thanks BillK, I think you went straight to the best answer.

>...He will encounter many cases where mental maths shows that the intuitive
answer is wrong...

Ja mental arithmetic is useful, trains the mind, works well in everyday
life, impresses the girls, all of these.

>... he can add up his shopping and have the correct money ready...

Define please this term "money?"

>... or tell them when they give the wrong change...?

Define please this term "change?"

>... due to a key-in error   ;)  BillK

Ja, thanks for the reminder of how far we have already come.  Locally there
is no key-in error.  In those places that still have checkers, they scan bar
codes of the products and you swipe your card.  Where I do my regular
trading now, they have self-checkout, which I love because I don't need to
deal with actual proles.  It's all machines all the time.  They love it too
because the proles do not need to deal with actual geeks.  Everyone wins.  


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