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>.  And I MEAN BUSINESS, AT&T!  They are coming tomorrow, 1300.  Then I'll
be back.  In all my refined and evolved refulgent wretchedness.  Spike



We have information!


This whole misadventure reminds me of camping.   I have a camper, and those
things have a shower of sorts, but it isn't like the real thing.  The water
just kind of dribbles out, just a little, no pressure, not really very warm,
just a trickle of water.  So after a three-week camping trip, one comes
home, not even particularly dirty since we did have a shower of sorts the
whole time, but often I will stand under the real shower for an extended
time, just because it feels so good.  


I was without an information pipe for five long days.  There are alternative
information sources, such as the radio and those things, what you call them,
newspapers I think they are called.  But this "radio" and "newspapers" are
analogous to a camper "shower," clearly not equivalent to the real thing.  I
wasn't even really without the internet long enough to get really stupid,
but it sure feels that way.  Now I have my top 30 IQ points back.  Now I am
just standing under the information stream, letting the nice hot showers of
abundant information flow all over me, and aaaaahhhhh it feels sooooo



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