[ExI] X-men extropians???

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 Hehe, No not harsh at all. I was merely musing as to why every email I opened was seemingly an X-men derived subject. I thought there had been some kind of overthrowing of the forum by comic book nerds....oh wait.
Im going to dust off a copy of spider-man to read while I sit atop the rubble of my fallen tower awaiting the bio printer' completion of another lung.
As you were. ;o)


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 You don't think that's a bit harsh?  ok, I'll concede youruse of emoticons might ease the sting of your sentiment - but not bymuch.Since I brought it up... the observation was sparked while watchingX-Men: First Class.  I asked this list (of perhaps the most eruditepeople I can consult) if maybe Transhumanism is actually moremainstream than the Ivory-Tower thinkers can recognize when they lookdown on the masses with a narrow bias for specific terminology.  Ifcomic/graphic novels and movies are shapers of culture in the way oralstorytelling historically defined a people then shouldn't we be ableto discuss them for the ideology they espouse?I guess I'll squelch the noise of casual conversation and let youreturn to the quest for immortality.  Do pop in again soon.  :)[disclaimer:  in case you read an unfriendly tone, please put moreemphasis on the smiley emoticon]_______________________________________________extropy-chat mailing listextropy-chat at lists.extropy.orghttp://lists.extropy.org/mailman/listinfo.cgi/extropy-chat
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