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According to the Mayan calendar, the world is supposed to end today.  Either that or they ran out of stone for their calendar, which may have led eventually to the invention of “paper.”  I look out my window and it sure appears the world is still here.  On the other hand, it is ambiguous on what time today the world is supposed to end.
Regarding my snarky comment on stone calendars, I can look at it another way.  In a few years, all our paper calendars will be gone, but after thousands of years, the Mayan calendar is still here.  What are we doing or making that has that kind of durability?

I was thinking about how our culture has taken the end of the long-count calendar to be the end of time.  Our calendar ends in 12/31 and we observe the arbitrary passage from one day to the next as a special when this happens.  We then +1 to the year and reset the month to 1.  This pattern of making dates isn't recognized to be cyclic - because the year number never repeats.

Natural systems rotate and orbit in cycles, why doesn't our observance of the passage of time?

Mayans didn't think of time like we do.  The long-count calendar  tracked astronomical time - but they also used cyclical calendars that were much shorter too.  The importance of a yearly cycle is important for farming.  They also observed the nature/flavor of the ebb and flow of culture as cyclic in nature.  That's something we really don't understand:  we like to delude ourselves that the rising trend will never fall.  I think this concept applies most notably to the ongoing energy discussion too.


I agree. We could learn alot from a cyclic understanding of most things. We seem to want everything hammered down to a straight  line. 

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