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..>On 2012-12-18 21:26, ablainey at aol.com wrote:
>> Well we can both claim some prior credit for this old chestnut although
>> I can't say it was something I was seriously considering back in 87. I
>> did certainly put forward the probability factor based upon future
>> simulation before Nicks paper.
>It is interesting that the basic idea was floating around in our 
>community long before the paper. In a sense reality as a simulation is 
>of course ancient (think Plato, Buddhism and Descartes) and as Nick 
>points out right at the start, futurists and sf authors have already 
>talked about vast future computing (and mind simulations).
>I guess it the simulation argument would have been a case of Stigler's 
>>law of eponymy if Nick's name had gotten attached to it.
>In general, our community has plenty of other equally interesting 
>notions as part of the intellectual air we breathe. Yet many of these 
>are unknown on the outside, so when one of us writes something that 
>makes the concept citable it is often seen as a brilliant insight. So I 
>urge you all: write more stuff!
>Anders Sandberg
>Future of Humanity Institute
>Oxford University

 I think timelessness plays a big part. We may see something as self evident and normal to discuss. While those that might peer review our writings or stop it long before that stage think it is unworthy of consideration. 
I have lost count of the times I have been poo pooed for some strange idea only to see it being touted as the latest greatest idea 10 years later. Granted the company I keep isn't ideal for testing new ideas and when in the appropriate company I am usually reticent or far to interested in what they have to say.
 Thank our lucky stars for the Internet, At least it is some kind of chronological record of our mad musings. 
Still its not a new problem. Everyone thinks the Wright brothers were first. Obviously no ill will for Nick, a good man doing a good job. It is our own fault if we fail to write our ideas down. Sadly one of my biggest flaws.

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